Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

By Olivia Guzman There is a cold case crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) in North America. An epidemic of violence against females in general notwithstanding, Indigenous females are at a great disadvantage in the United States. In 2016, there was an estimated 5,712 cases of MMIWG, however only 116 of... Continue Reading →

Chester Price and Indigenous New Hampshire Trails

In 1958, historian and archaeologist Chester Price wrote an article called “Historic Indian Trails of New Hampshire,” which was published in The New Hampshire Archeologist. This article was later revised and included a map, which was published in 1967. Price described twenty-four trails made and used by Indigenous peoples across what is now called New... Continue Reading →

Indigenous NH 101: HB221

This week, New Hampshire legislators will vote on HB221, a bill to rename Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples' Day. The Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative Collective reflected on why we support the bill and we urge our listeners to call their representatives to ask them to vote in favor of it.

Indigenous Dreams

Indigenous Dreams: Prophetic Nature, Spirituality, and Survivance By Alessandro Casale The nature of dreams and dreaming have different interpretations cross-culturally. Analyzing the content of dreams and their symbolic meaning for individuals and their communities can help us understand greater cultural contexts. For instance, many Indigenous societies in North and South America have dream theories and... Continue Reading →

Indigenous NH 101: Student Reflections

Indigenous NH 101 is a podcast series created by the Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative featuring Indigenous songs and stories recorded by our collaborators. This episode features the voices of our UNH student interns. We asked them to reflect on their semester as part of this collaborative project and about what they wished their peers knew... Continue Reading →

The Wobanadenok

In celebration of the United Nations International Mountain Day with the theme Mountains Matter to Indigenous Peoples, the Indigenous NH Collaborative collective selected several mountains from the rage of the Woban-aden-ok, in the Algonquian language meaning “to the place of the high white or crystal/mica mountains,” or what Euro-American settlers refer to as the “White Mountains”... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the film “Dawnland”

In the United States (like elsewhere, e.g., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), the government’s systematic efforts to uproot Indigenous cultures through violence, resettlement, ideology, and education had adverse effects on Native communities and larger society. Among these efforts, Native children were taken from their homes and placed in the institutions (e.g., boarding schools) or with... Continue Reading →

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