Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are several questions that we often receive from various individuals and organizations. We have created this FAQ reference for you to use.

How can we learn more about Abenaki history and the contemporary reality of indigenous people in NH? 

I found Indigenous sites, artifacts, and/or human remains, can you help me identify these?

Where can we find someone to offer a presentation on Abenaki history or culture?  

How can we learn about Indigenous Peoples’ Day and how to promote it in our town/city? 

We want to write a land recognition/acknowledgment statement — what should it say? 

How can we address the harmful effects of the local mascots?

How can I become an ally to Native Americans?

How can I join INHCC

Where can I get support on legal issues and civil liberties – both local and national? 

  • Please contact ACLU