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Indigenous NH Harvest Calendar Introduction

Indigenous NH Harvest Calendar: Spring Season Zigwan

Indigenous NH Harvest Calendar: Summer Season Niben

Indigenous NH Harvest Calendar: Fall Season Tagw8go

Indigenous NH Harvest Calendar: Winter Season Pebon

Edible Plant Species Native to the Northeast U.S. and E. Canada, compiled by Russ Cohen

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Indigenous NH 101: Maple Syrup

Indigenous NH 101 is a podcast series created by the Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative featuring Indigenous songs and stories recorded by our collaborators. This episode features Paul Pouliot of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook Abenaki People telling the story of maple syrup. Learn about Gluskabe, the Alnombak, and why maple syrup is made the…

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Indigenous Foods and Recipes

Prepared by Paul and Denise Pouliot, the Cowasuck Band Pennacook Abenaki People Have you ever wondered what kind of foods were consumed by Native Americans? While many people believe that Native Americans were exclusively hunter-gatherers, by the time of European contact many groups practiced agriculture. The most commonly grown food items were beans, corn, and…

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Abenaki Seed Packets

The studies of agriculture and horticulture, traditional foods, sustainability, foraging, and ethnobotany have recently been used at different gardens, museums, and seed saving projects. Seed saving is an important way to preserve heirloom plants, and including historical and ethnobotanical information on seed packets can help maintain traditional gardening practices as well as demonstrate Indigenous survivance…

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