A Request From Us To You

Kwai (hello) all! 

We’re reaching out to you, our community, to ask for some help on a project we’ve been working on. Over the past weeks, we’ve been putting together a podcast for our website on Indigenous artwork, learning, and community. Unfortunately, the current circumstances have made it impossible to record interviews face-to-face, which is why we’re reaching out to you. If you are interested in contributing a short statement (around 2 minutes) that can be included in our podcast, please send us a voice or video recording to our Facebook page or to our email (nhchinternship@gmail.com) by Friday April 24, 2020 reflecting on:  

Your personal Indigenous artistic practices, and how, in your experience, those practices like song, dance, basketmaking, beadwork, etc. help to support and build Indigenous community.   

If you would like, you could also record another few minutes of your traditional artistic practices to be included as audio ambiance in the podcast. 

Please use whatever form of recording is easiest for you – taking a video on your phone or laptop, using the voice memo app if your phone has one, or sending us a video via Facebook. If recording is not possible, please feel free to email us your thoughts through writing. 

Thank you for your help, and we hope you all are staying healthy during these unusual times.