To the Class of 2020: A New Tradition!

The Indigenous New Hampshire Collaborative Collective is a diverse group of co-conspirators made up of Tribal leaders, Indigenous peoples, volunteers, and University of New Hampshire undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, staff and faculty with a variety of experiences and backgrounds (from local history to political activism). Our Collective relies heavily on the work of UNH students to educate, create, and advocate for Indigneous heritage in the Granite State. These students are passionate, innovative, caring, patient, and, as a result, critically important to this project. Because our lives have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hampshire’s Stay-At-Home orders have left seniors without a graduation. Having spent years working so hard and growing with others working collaboratively, their efforts have been temporarily uncelebrated. INHCC would like to present a very special shout out to our 2020 graduating volunteer students and interns who have been tirelessly working to move our projects forward!

Our Graduating Student Scholars (the Class of 2020):

Jeff Baron, Anthropology Major, Brewing Science Minor: Jeff has been with INHCC since Fall 2017. He has researched, developed, and published content for our blog and, in fact, co-created the blog site itself. His specialty is archaeological data and artifacts central to historical research about Indigenous history of NH. While sharing his knowledge, Jeff has presented at conferences and historical societies!

Jeff Baron, participating in an activity making corn-husk dolls

Libby Schwaner, Anthropology and French Major: Libby has been with INHCC since Spring 2018. Libby has written and decolonized numerous write-ups for our StoryMap and has been a huge asset researching and assisting anywhere and anything the group needed support with. Libby shared her knowledge and time generously and has presented at conferences, and presentations with historical societies! Libby will go on to do graduate studies at UNH.

Libby Schwaner, presenting at the University of New Hampshire Undergraduate Research Conference

Emily Olivier, French Studies and Education Studies Dual Major, Women’s Studies Minor, Social Justice Leadership Minor: Emily joined INHCC as an intern in Fall 2018. She has a vital passion for Education and was able to accomplish publishing K-12 education plans as resources aimed at integrating Indigenous heritage and recognition into New Hampshire schools. Emily has also presented at conferences and historical societies on her work and the work of INHCC! Emily will go on to complete graduate studies at UNH.. 

Emily Olivier, investigating books about Abenaki and Indigenous cultural heritage

Caitlin Burnett, Anthropology and Sustainability Major, Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor: Caitlin has been with INHCC since Fall 2018. With her work ethic and social-justice relevant interests and skills, she launched the INHCC “Indigenous 101” podcast and continued to produce new episodes throughout her time with our Collective. Caitlin contributed to several blog posts, edited several others, attended events, organized our office space, and was patient with all of our personalities and tempers! She is also the first student to graduate as a (new) Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) Minor at UNH! 

Caitlin Burnett, attending one of our INHCC seminars

Without you, dear students (and alums! a shout out to our alums too!!!), INHCC could not have accomplished what we have accomplished since our establishment in Spring 2017. INHCC values your efforts and time that you shared with us. Just know: we are always here for you! We wish our senior co-conspirators the best. We are excited to see what they achieve in their future!

Congratulations graduates!

Thank you! “We” is more important than “I!” Without you, there would be no “we!” 

Kchi Wliwni (Great Thanks),

Your INHCC Family.