From the Fragments

The Great Bay Archaeological Survey (GBAS) is a community-engaged archaeological exploration of social and environmental change during early colonialism (ca. 1600-1750 AD) in the Great Bay Estuary, or P8bagok Bay — Great Bay’s ancestral name in the Abenaki language. As GBAS wraps up a five-year round of fieldwork, we have made an online, interactive Story Map to share why we are exploring settler colonialism in Great Bay, how we are doing it, and what stories we have unearthed along the way from the fragments ordinary people living, much like we are today, through extraordinary times left behind 400 years ago. Exploring this Story Map, you can meet community team members, hear from Indigenous collaborators, and see how this project’s findings challenge oversimplified narratives we have inherited of violence defining Native American and English interactions, narratives that are also inappropriately slanted to portray English settler colonists as more innocent and morally upright in these interactions. Please share this widely. It is also a working resource and so will be periodically updated as research continues. See the Story Map: From the Fragments

Also, you can read a UNH Today article introducing this Story Map in more detail here: